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Trees of life (1).jpeg
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Queens Hill Estate

Queen's Hill has abundant natural resources with a rich cultural heritage. Endeavors to preserve existing trees and celebrate the local traditions, heritage, ecology and art shall add value to the development, creating a pleasant and harmonious environement for the district.

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Trees of life (2).jpeg
Trees of life (5).jpeg

The bird figures of the artwork "The Trees of Life" were created by students referencing different bird species, which resemble a natural scene seldom seen in an urban setting. 

Culture & Heritage

Tree Conservation

Moments in the woods (1).jpeg
Moments in the woods (2).jpeg
周海璇 final.jpg
譚善鳴 final.jpg
葉小雪 final.jpg

"Moments in the Woods" is a collaboration between artist and students, capturing the moments in ancient woods of Queen's Hill Barracks.

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